Monday, January 10, 2011

Agenda for Jan. 11 CRRD Commission meeting is available

The next meeting of the Coon Rapids Regional Dam Commission will take place from 1-4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011, in the Gardenview Room of the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center, 5600 85th Ave. N., Brooklyn Park. The agenda is available at this link:

Jan. 11, 2011, CRRD Commission agenda

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  1. It looks like the Commission is on a path to repair the old Dam. I hope that they looked at how keeping the water level at the high normal summer level will affect the properties on the six mile pool when we have ice in the spring. Mother Nature can be pretty brutal when it comes to ice flow and ice jams.

    Another question would be: If and when we have very high water when the pool is at the same height as the water below the dam. In that case Asian carp would more than likely get over the dam. Of course that is if the fish ever get this far up stream before some other method of controlling them is found. I am sure that no wants the fish downstream from this area as well.

    I still feel the most economical way to stop the Asian Carp from getting up this far would be to simply close the locks at upper and or Lower Saint Anthony Falls which would be a 100% barrier to the fish. These Dams are over the top water flow dams so there are no gates that the fish could swim under. By using the falls as a barrier instead of fixing the Coon Rapids Dam we would save the $16,000,000.00 estimate to fix the Coon Rapids Dam in order to be used as a POSSIBLE, Asian Carp barrier. This just doesn’t make sense to me when we already have a natural barrier. St. Anthony Falls!